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Explore the space, get close to the stars and land on planets to help the locals. And find out about the Void!

It runs on the original Game Boy and on a web emulator

I made it using GB Studio, Photoshop, Tiled and OpenMPT.

Created in 48h during the Ludum Dare 45 game jam

- A (Z/Alt): Interact
- B (X/Ctrl): Leave with your spacecraft, you yan leave a planet and a solar system.
- Select (Shift): Open the Navigation menu
- Start (Enter): Save the game
- /!\ Exit the current solar system to explore the deep space


The 849 kB
Download 49 kB


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nice art and sound, though the music gets a bit repetitive after a while playing, it creates a kinda mistery vibe ... add ludum dare link so i can rate you there too

Thanks for the feedback :)